Star Trek: Armada Maps Bulk Packages

Here you can find a selection of maps for the game Star Trek: Armada.

If you are interested in getting all of them at once but still as single map 7zip archives, use the star_trek_armada_1_maps_all_packages.7z file. It contains all of the single maps packaged in their own 7zip files, just like you would download them one by one.

If you are not interested in the single archive files but getting them all at once to directly decompress them into your Armada 1 bzn or addon folder, you might want to download the star_trek_armada_1_maps_all_in_one.7z file. It contains all maps.

If you are more interested in the single maps to pick from, better look here.

FilenameFile Size
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🗎 index.php2.3 kB
🗎 star_trek_armada_1_maps_all_in_one.7z29.7 MB
🗎 star_trek_armada_1_maps_all_packages.7z38.1 MB